Your account,
your rules your rules

Innovation meets convenience in your Rilla account. An account with countless useful options, which is always there for you both in everyday life and in unexpected situations.

Rilla is a flexible application for easy payments – no account opening fees or service fees. In the city or on the beach – wherever you need it, you can always rely on your Rilla account.

Твоята сметка, твоите правила

Иновацията среща удобството в твоята сметка Rilla. Управляваш я от телефона си и няма такса за откриване и обслужване.

Rilla e приложение за лесни и бързи разплащания, което ти спестява посещения в офис и съобразяване с работното време. Твоята сметка е тук, когато ти потрябва!

Free account

Open a free account that is always at your disposal – easily and conveniently, on your phone. Use up to 2 free accounts in the application – no monthly and annual service fees.

Безплатна сметка в Rilla без такси за месечно и годишно обслужване
Безплатни мигновени преводи в Rilla
Free money transfers
Instant money transfers with no fees when making transfers to accounts with Rilla. And if you still have friends outside of Rilla, a transfer to a bank account will cost you only BGN 1. It’s useful, isn’t it?
Manage your money here and now

Your Rilla account enables you to manage your money quickly and safely, as well as track their movement directly on your phone. Your account – your rules. With Rilla you have a flexible solution for every situation.

Fast and easy

Account in 5 steps


Give names to
your accounts


Top-up for free
with your card


Keep track of the monthly report


Transfer money between accounts


Transfer money
to banks

How to top-up my
account in Rilla?

Making a top-up in Rilla is
easy and free of charge!

Your account
is awaiting you

Your account
is awaiting you

Твоята сметка
те очаква

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