Refer a friend and get BGN 10 bonus

Rilla is a fresh financial app with useful services. Recommend it to a friend, and if they register, you both receive a bonus of BGN 10!

Приятели получават 10лв. бонус за регистрация
Регистрация в приложението Rilla

How to do it?

First, you should be registered in Rilla. Tell a friend what Rilla is and where to download the app.

There are only 3 steps:


Your friend downloads Rilla and registers successfully


They open the app chat and write your name and phone number
(that you are registered with)


You both receive BGN 10 bonus in your Rilla accounts

The transfer will be made within 10 working days after sending the message in the chat. You can recommend up to 5 friends. *

If you have a question or need any help, call 0700 20 240 (price according to your operator)
or send us a message in the chat or at emial

If your friend registers and gets a credit limit Rilla Daily, you both get BGN 15 bonus

With the same person you can get only 1 type of bonus – for registration or for credit Rilla Daily. Learn more here:

Продукти в приложението Rilla

Reasons to invite your friends

Rilla offers financial services without waiting, office and working hours. Everything happens in one application!

  • You manage two free IBAN accounts without any fees
  • In Rilla you make free transfers and they arrive immediately
  • You can apply for a credit limit of up to BGN 2 000 online
  • In the app it is easy to pay all your utility bills
  • You can get an online insurance from Boleron in minutes

Soon you can expect many new products. Thank you for being a part of Rilla’s world and we can’t wait to meet more new friends!

See the Terms and Conditions of our “Bring a Friend for Registration” program here.

* In case you recommend a friend for the current program and for the program “Bring a friend for Rilla Daily”, they will receive only one bonus – the one for which they were recommended earlier. In case you recommend 5 different friends for each of the two “Bring a Friend” programs, each of them will receive the corresponding bonus.

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