Recommend Rilla Daily you both get BGN 15 bonus

Do you have a friend who would use the Rilla Daily credit limit? If they register in Rilla and sign a credit agreement, you both win a BGN 15 bonus!

Приятели получават бонус 15лв. за Rilla Daily
Оферта за кредит Rilla Daily

How to do it?

First, you should be registered in Rilla. Tell a friend what Rilla Daily is and where to download the app.

There are only 3 steps:


Your friend downloads Rilla and registers successfully


They apply for Rilla Daily and sign a credit contract*


They open the app chat and write your name and phone number
(that you are registered with)

After that you will both get BGN 15 bonus in your Rilla accounts. The transfer will be made 17 working days after the date of signing the contract for credit Rilla Daily.**

If you have a question or need any help, call 0700 20 240 (prices according to your operator)
or send us a message in the chat or at emial

What are the credit conditions?

The credit assessment in the app is fully automated and is ready in minutes! Your score determines whether you will be approved and how much you can get from Rilla.

  • Apply for a credit up to BGN 2 0000 online
  • Get express scoring without any additional taxes
  • Sign online after approval and the sum is available in minutes

Only the interest is due on the 1-st day of the month. You select the date and amount of all the principal installments. Apply once, and you can withdraw from your limit at any time. 

Доведи приятел за Rilla Daily бонус 15лв.
Кредитен лимит Rilla Daily

Bonus for a friend

With Rilla you always win, because there are no unnecessary fees and everything happens on your phone. For more information, check or send to a friend Rilla Daily’s web page.

Download Rilla here:

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  • AppGallery

See the Terms and Conditions for our “Bring a Friend for Rilla Daily” program here.

* The credit contract should be signed during the campaign period. The period in which each client can cancel their Rilla Daily agreement is 14 days from the date of signing. The bonus is transferred within 3 days after this date.

**In case you recommend a friend for the current program and for the program “Bring a friend for Rilla Daily”, they will receive only one bonus – the one for which they were recommended earlier. In case you recommend 5 different friends for each of the two “Bring a Friend” programs, each of them will receive the corresponding bonus

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